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Research Article USA

Control of Expression Level in Human Genes: Observations with Apoptosis Genes and Genes Involved in B cell Development

Research Article India

Integrative In-Silico Evaluation of Features on BRCA1 Cis Regulatory Element

Review Article China

Bioinformatic Analysis Identifies Potential Key Genes in the Pathogenesis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Research Article India

Computer-Aided Molecular Design of CCR2 - CCR5 Dual Antagonists for the Treatment of NASH

Research Article Germany

AGEpy: A Python Package for Computational Biology

Research Article Congo

In Silico Evaluation of Biopharmaceutical Properties of Chloramphenicol Derivatives and their Iron Complexes

Research Article Pakistan

LDBPR: Latest Database of Protein Research

Research Article Singapore

Ribosomal Protein Database Profiling Lends Clarity to Ribosomal Protein Evolution and Mass Distribution

Research Article USA

Characterization of Two Novel EF-Hand Proteins Identifies a Clade of Putative Ca2+-Binding Protein Specific to the Ambulacraria

Research Article Nigeria

Fungal Contaminants Associated with Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea) Seeds

Research Article China

Immuno Informatic Analysis of B-Cell Epitope Changes in SARS-Cov-2 Variants with Dominant S-Protein Mutations

Research Article China

Bioinformatics Analysis and Identification of the Expression and Mechanism of Immune-Related Gene MAPT in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Research Article Morocco

Identification of Promising Antagonists of the Tumor Microenvironment Immunosuppressive Adenosine 2A Receptor through a Pharmacoinformatics- Based Approach

Research Article Singapore

Number of Mismatches and Length of Longest Match Correlate with Alignment Score in Swalign Built-in Function in MATLAB

Research Article India

Structure Based Insights into the Association of Fluoroquinolones with Mycobacterial DNA-Gyrase Complexes

Research Article India

Crucial Biomarkers for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) by Transcriptome Comparison with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis with and without PH and Identification of Essential Signaling Pathways- A Meta Analysis and Bioinformatics Study

Research Article India

Re-Profiling of US-FDA Approved Drugs for COVID-19 by In-silico Studies

Research Article Zambia

A Systems Approach Identifies Key Regulators of HPV-Positive Cervical Cancer

Research Article USA

Machine Learning and Systems Biology Approaches to Characterize Dosage-Based Gene Dependencies in Cancer Cells

Research Article Tunisia

Exploring the Intrinsic Disorder of the WRKY Transcription Factor Family in the Cereals

Research Article Pakistan

Identification of Driver Mutations in MicroRNAs for Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Research Article India

Effect of Point Mutations in SOD1 Enzyme Stability and Solubility: A Study Using Computational Approach

Research Article Mexico

Detection of Breast Cancer in Infrared Thermographies Using Stochastic Techniques in a FPGA Platform

Review Article Italy

Next Generation Sequencing Approach and Impact on Bioinformatics: Applications in Agri-Food Field

Research Article Egypt

Effect of Tetra-nortriterpenoid on the Fourth and Fifth Larval Instar of Spodoptera littoralis

Research Article Russia

Bioinformatics Analysis of the Novel Conserved Micropeptides Encoded by the Plants of Family Brassicaceae

Review Article China

The Multiple Molecular Signatures in Gallbladder Carcinoma: from Basic Studies to Clinical Application

Research Article Iran

Classification of 7 Arrhythmias from ECG Using Fractal Dimensions

Research Article Egypt

Study of Water Pollutants in El-Mahmoudia Agricultural Irrigation Stream at El-Beheira Governorate, Egypt

Research Article Algeria

Colon Cancer: Intelligent Modeling of Risk Factors

Commentary Italy

Lipidomics and Nutrylipidomics in Oncology: Review of the Literature

Research Article Malaysia

Systematic review on the effect of chemical compounds on craniofacial development of a zebrafish embryo

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