Bioinformatic Analysis of Transcriptional Regulation by Nur77 in Central Nervous System and Immune System

Author(s): Faunes F, Andrés ME, Olivares-Costa M.

Objective: The objectives of this work were to find genes regulated by Nur77 in neurons and to evaluate the possible common role of this transcription factor in neurons and lymphatic cells using published experimentally generated databases of ChIP-Seq and a microarray. We also characterized Nur77 binding throughout the genome.

Results: We identified 113 Nur77 target genes in neuronal stem cells and 116 in neuronal cells. Cell adhesion and anchoring processes emerged as regulated by Nur77 in neurons and lymphatic cells. We found 9 common genes regulated by Nur77. Finally, we described a significant distribution of Nur77 binding sites in strong enhancers and active promoters. This work is a first step to understand the role of Nur77 and its common targets in neurons and immune cells.

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