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Research Article France

Cost Saving with Home-Based Chemotherapy Approach in Multiple Myeloma The ADHOMY Trial

Research Article USA

A CXCR3-Activating Peptide Increases Tear Break Up Time and Corrects Corneal haze in a Rabbit Model of Environmental Dry Eye

Research Article Qatar

Deprescribing Program for Primary Health Care Corporation: Reducing Unnecessary Medication Use in the Elderly

Research Article Canada

Entrapment of Ibuprofen by Multilamellar Liposomes for Aerosol Drug Delivery Towards Sustained Release Upon Pulmonary Administration

Research Article Germany

The iMouse System – A Visual Method for Standardized Digital Data Acquisition Reduces Severity Levels in Animal-Based Studies

Research Article USA

One-Year Outcomes in Patients Who Survived COVID-19-Related Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS): Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs), Oxygen Requirement, and Quality of Life (QoL)

Research Article USA

5-Aminolevulinic Acid Tumor Paint and Photodynamic Therapy for Chordoma: An In Vitro Study

Case Report Germany

Correction of Over-Dosed Insulin in a Type-2- Diabetic Led to a Better Control of Glycemia and Arterial Hypertension: A Case Report

Case Report Italy

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Pregabalin in a Critically ill Patient with Acute Kidney Injury undergoing Continuous, Prolonged Intermittent, and Intermittent Kidney Replacement Therapy

Research Article China

A Framework on Developing an Integrative Medicine Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) for Systemic Lupus erythematosus (SLE) with Comorbidities Management in Hong Kong

Research Article USA

Trends of Per-Patient Healthcare Cost and Resource Utilization of Opioid Use Disorder Among Privately Insured Individuals in The United States from 2005-2014

Research Article USA

High Dose of Metformin Decreases Susceptibility to Occlusive Arterial Thrombosis in Diabetic Mice

Case Study China

Characterization of Mitotic Phenotypes Associated with a MYC Synthetic Lethal Compound

Opinion Article Italy

COVID-19 Home Therapy. It Has Never Been a Matter of Freedom of Cure

Research Article Spain

Clinical Significance of Human Herpesvirus 6 and 7 Infection in a Tertiary Hospital: a Case-Control Study

Observational Study USA

Estimating Vaccine-Preventable COVID-19 Deaths Among Adults Under Counterfactual Vaccination Scenarios in The United States: A Modeling Study Using Observational Data

Randomized Trial Egypt

Vonoprazan-Based versus Esomeprazole-Based Triple Therapy for Helicobacter Pylori: A Randomized Trial

Research Article Ireland

Systems Pharmacology and Molecular Docking Reveals the Potential Beneficial effect of Rabdosia serra in Treating liver Cancer

Research Article Palestine

Trends in Antimicrobial Resistance in Gaza Strip, 2020–2022: Retrospective Study

Research Article India

Supramolecular Chemistry: Unveiling the Fascinating World of Non-Covalent Interactions and Complex Assemblies

Research Article Ireland

A Systems Pharmacology Approach, Using Molecular Docking and Dynamics Simulation, to Unlock Potential New Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Case Study of Cinnamon Species

Research Article USA

Further Investigation of the Potential Anti-neoplastic, Anti-inflammatory and Immunomodulatory Actions of Phenoxybenzamine Using the Broad Institute CLUE Platform

Original Article Kuwait

The Impact of Media Exposure on Anxiety in Kuwait during COVID-19 Outbreak

Original Research Egypt

Modulatory Effect of Sodium Butyrate on the Anticancer Activity of Abemaciclib in MDA-MB-231 Human Breast Cancer Cells

Original Research USA

Enhanced Cerebral Hemodynamics and Cognitive Function Via Knockout of Dual-Specificity Protein Phosphatase 5

Original Research Nigeria

Antidiabetic Potential of The Leaf Extracts of Phragmanthera incana (Schum.) Balle Harvested on Albizia lebbeck

Research Article UK

Pharmacokinetics of KA2237, A Novel Selective Inhibitor of PI3K- β and PI3K-δ, in Patients: A First-in-Human Study Using PK Modelling to Predict Drug Concentrations During Dose Escalation

Original Research India

Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, and Antioxidant potential of S-adenosyl L-Methionine on Nitroglycerine induced Migraine in mice Models

Research Article Burkina Faso

Effects of Fruits of Aqueous Extract of Sarcocephalus Latifolius B. on Gentamicin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats

Research Article France

Impact of Early Palliative Care on End of life in patients with Advanced Biliary Tract Cancer

Research Article India

Protective Effect of Withania Somnifera Bleomycin Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis in Experimental Rats

Research Article India

Possible Interference in Protein – Protein Interaction as a New Approach in Micro- Inhibition of Respiratory Pathogens on Nasal– Oral Epithelium: An Early On-Screen Study with Reference Tosars-Cov-2–ACE2 Binding Interference

Research Article Germany

Determination of Meropenem, Ceftazidime and Piperacillin Levels in Serum and Meropenem in Cerebrospinal Fluid by Liquid Chromatography for Routine Quantification

Research Article Democratic Republic of Congo

Antibiotic Resistance Pattern and Biofilm Formation of Staphylococcus and Enterobacteriaceae Isolates from Clinical Samples of Patients with Urinary Tract and Surgical Site Infections in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Research Article USA

Age-Dependent Heterogeneity of Lymph Node Metastases and Survival Identified by Analysis of a National Breast Cancer Registry

Research Article Japan

The Relationship between High Absolute Lymphocyte Counts and Favorable Prognosis in Eribulin Therapy is seen in First-Line Chemotherapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer: Combined Analysis of Two Phase 2 Studies

Research Article USA

Current and future directions in the prevention and treatment of Malaria


Hepatoprotective Effects of Dawa-Ul-Kurkum, a Unani Polyherbal Preparation and the Possible Mechanisms in Experimental Model of Ethanol Induced Liver Damage in Rats

Research Article Vietnam

Evaluate Effectiveness of Hubbard Purification Rundown Process for Victims of Dioxin/Agent Orange and Related Strengths, Challenges

Research Article Italy

The Problem of Home Therapy during COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy: Government Guidelines versus Freedom of Cure?

Research Article China

Preparation of Developing Biotinylated PH-Responsive Glycopolymers as Delivery Nanocarriers for Controlling Release of Bortezomib

Research Article USA

Edible Green Solvent for Optimized Catechins Extraction from Green Tea Leaves: Anti-Hypercholesterolemia

Research Article USA

Binary Mixture of Pharmaceutical Residual Solvents and Their Thermodynamic Investigation

Research Article USA

Cryotherapy as Adjunct Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Review Article USA

Pharmacological Effects of Cannabinoids Extracted from Industrial hemp on Epilepsy

Research Article Uganda

Anti-Mycobacterial and Synergistic Activity of Synthetic Acridine-9-Carboraldehyde and 9-Hydroxy-4-Methoxy Acridine Alkaloids against Clinical Isolates of Multidrug-Resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Review Article Italy

Tragic Choices, Government Actions and the ‘domino effect’ the Case of the COVID - 19 Syndemic and the Italian scenario

Research Article Japan

Development and Assessment of the Reliability and Validity of a Psychological Stress Scale for Catheterized Home Healthcare Patients

Research Article Croatia

SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence in a Cohort of Asymptomatic, RT-PCR Negative Croatian First League Football Players

Research Article USA

Development and Validation of a Gliadin Induced Intestinal Enteropathy Rat Model of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Editorial USA

Acknowledgement to Authors, Reviewers and Editors of Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research in 2020.

Editorial USA

Acknowledgement to Authors, Reviewers and Editors of Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research in 2019.

Original Article Nigeria

Distribution Pattern of Community Pharmacies in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Original Article Nigeria

Evaluation of the Wound healing Potentials of Aqueous Topical creams Containing Aqueous extract of Azadirachta indica leaves as Bioactive Ingredient

Original Article Tunisia

Phytochemical Screening and in vitro Antioxidant Evaluation of Ajuga iva

Original Article Nigeria

Phytomedicinal and Nutraceutical Benefits of the GC-FID Quantified Phytocomponents of the Aqueous Extract of Azadirachta indica leaves

Original Article China

Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Lansoprazole/sodium Bicarbonate capsule compared with Lansoprazole capsule in Healthy Chinese Adults

Original Article Egypt

Quercetin Extracted from Trifolium Alexandrinum Enhances wound healing in 1 Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic rats through Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory effects

Original Article Mexico

A Modified Compartmental Pharmacokinetic Model of Enterohepatic Circulation for Simvastatin in Healthy Mexican Subjects. A Pilot Study

Original Article India

Occurrence of Recurrent Mutations in SARS-CoV-2 Genome and its Implications in the Drug Designing Strategies

Research Article Nigeria

Activity of Aqueous Extract of Phyllanthus niruri Linn in 2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine Induced Anaemic Rats

Case Report Colombia

Pharmacological Management of Acute Sleep Disorders During the First 48 hours of the Postoperative Period. A Narrative Review

Research Article Morocco

Safety of Chloroquine Associated with Azithromycin in Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019

Research Article China

Protective Effects of Ginsenoside Rg1 on Acute Myocardial Infarction

Research Article France

Consumption and Intraoperative Controllability of Desflurane-A Randomized Trial Comparing Manually-Assisted (Perseus® A 500- Dräger) and Automated Control (Aisys® Cs2-GE) of End-Tidal Concentrations

Research Article Japan

JAL-TA9 Inhibits Aggregation of hPrP180-192 through the Cleavage Reaction

Letter to the Editor Italy

No Interruption of Biological Treatment in the Era of COVID-19: More Considerations

Case Report Morocco

Severe Acute Thrombocytopenia After Biosimilar Trastuzumab Administration: A Case Report

Research Article P.R. China

Quercetin Inhibits the Formation of Atherosclerosis Plaque by Protecting Vascular Endothelial Cells

Research Article India

Analysis of Prescribing Patterns in Paediatric Respiratory Tract Infections with the Focus on Antimicrobial Use, Adverse Effects and Cost Of Drug Therapy

Research Article Uganda

Drug Use Evaluation (DUE) of Ceftriaxone in Mubende Regional Referral Hospital, Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Research Article Tunisia

Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Edible Rhus Tripartita (Ucria) Hydromethanolic Extracts

Research Article Bulgaria

Synergistic Growth Inhibitory Effects of Lycium barbarum (Goji berry) Extract with Doxorubicin against Human Breast Cancer Cells

Research Article Finland

Simvastatin Modulates Extracellular Matrix Assembly by Displaying an Antifibrotic Activity in Vitro

Review Article Morocco

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Antiepileptic Drugs: Indications and Modalities

Editorial USA

Acknowledgement to Authors, Reviewers and Editors of Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research in 2017 and 2018.

Research Article Libya

A Clinical Benefit of Training Asthmatic Patients on How to Use Metered Dose Inhalers by using the 2Tone Trainer In Libya

Research Article Sudan

Development and Validation of Stability Indicating HPLC Method for Benzalkonium Chloride in Betaxolol (0.5%) Opthalmic Solution

Research Article South Africa

Comparative Studies on Safety of Glimepiride and Glipizide on Renal Microarchitecture and Oxidative Stress Markers of Pregnant Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats

Research Article Slovakia

Prescriptions of Strong Opioid Analgesics in Primary Care (Pharmacy Care)

Short Article Canada

Treatment Considerations in Urological Tract Infection (UTI)

Research Article Kenya

Antifleas Activity and Safety of Tithonia diversifolia and Senna didymobotrya Extracts

Research Article Egypt

Capsicum Protects Against Rotenone-Induced Toxicity in Mice Brain Via Reduced Oxidative Stress and 5-Lipoxygenase Activation

Research Article Libya

Antimicrobial Evaluation of Novel Metals Complexes of n- Isonicotinamido-2-hydroxy-5-methoxybenzalaldimine

Research Article Uganda

Formulation, Development and Validation of a Wound Healing Herbal Ointment from Extracts of Bidens pilosa and Aloe barbadensis

Research Article USA

Sociodemographic Factors Correlating With The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Among Ethiopian Immigrants in The USA

Research Article Pakistan

The Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Properties of Cassia fistula

Research Article Egypt

Spectrofluorometric Determination of Lisinopril dihydrate and Methyl- Dopa in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulation by Using Dansyl Chloride

Research Article Egypt

The Development of A New Validated HPLC and Spectrophotometric Methods for the Simultaneous Determination of Daclatasvir and Sofosbuvir: Antiviral Drugs

Research Article Algeria

Antimicrobial Efficacy of the Essential Oil of Origanum Vulgare From Algeria

Research Article USA

Pharmacology Research in Environmental Signaling: Life Expectancy, Invisible Lead Dust, and Proactive Intervention to Reduce Childrens Pb Exposure in New Orleans, LA (USA)

Research Article USA

Differences in Thirty Day Healthcare Encounters Following Hospitalization in an Insured and Uninsured Population: A Retrospective Study

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