Deprescribing Program for Primary Health Care Corporation: Reducing Unnecessary Medication Use in the Elderly

Author(s): Tagwa Nasr, Mohammad Mollazehi

This research scrutinizes the implementation of Senior and Swailes' Organizational Development (OD) model in managing medication for elderly patients within a large organization. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, it highlights the crucial role of comprehensive planning, potent communication, and stakeholder engagement in executing successful change. The study identifies common barriers such as resource limitations and employee resistance and offers solutions to navigate these challenges. It further illuminates the advantages of the OD model and points out potential areas for future research, including the effect of varied OD models on organizational performance, and leadership's impact in fostering change initiatives. The research advocates the importance of customizing OD initiatives according to an organization's unique needs, coupled with continual assessment and adjustments for enduring success.

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