Online Forum for Unintended Pregnancy-Related Queries

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Manik Dhore, Aarushi Bhate, Anmol Warikoo, Antima Modak, Aryan Aher*

Department of Computer Engineering, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, India

*Corresponding author: Aryan Aher, Department of Computer Engineering, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, India

Received: 03 April 2022; Accepted: 21 April 2022; Published: 28 April 2022

Citation: Manik Dhore, Aarushi Bhate, Anmol Warikoo, Antima Modak, Aryan Aher. Online Forum for Unintended Pregnancy-Related Queries. Journal of Women’s Health and Development 5 (2022): 132-138.

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In India every year, there are couples who go through unintended pregnancy. Unintended pregnancy is a pregnancy that is either (i) unwanted, such as the pregnancy occurred when no or no more children were desired, or (ii) a mistimed pregnancy, that is, the pregnancy occurred earlier than desired. The instilled conservative attitude towards such mishaps in Indian families is such that, a couple is prone to trying to confront the problem on their own, it being against the society’s rules on such issues, rather than taking guidance from the right people through some medium/portal. This project aims to connect such couples or families to the world where we make them feel comfortable just like our own family members and thus help them in taking expert advice from gynecologists.


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Article Details

1. Introduction

The terms for abortion were liberalized in India after an amended regulation obtained the President’s assent on March 25. But gender and reproductive rights activists are upset that the regulation nevertheless does now no longer understand abortion as a woman’s preference that may be sought on-demand, as is the exercise in seventy-three countries [1]. There are women who go through such mishaps and are not accepted by society, sometimes when the situation worsens, parents also neglect their own children going through the problem. Now, looking for online help, they are unable to look up any organization dedicated to providing a platform where they could approach the gynecologists.

This cloud-based website project emphasizes helping the women or couples in need of an expert’s help who can understand their situation well and henceforth could go ahead making decisions according to the expert’s suggestions and involvement in the abortion process. The project also contains a query section where the users of the website can ask questions to the doctors. After regular consultation sessions, women going through such matters will be brought in a line of procedures after making decisions. The project is a website consisting of:

  1. A home page where users get the details about what the forum is all about.
  2. A Q/A page has been provided where users can read
  3. questions previously been asked by other users and also, ask their own questions.
  4. The blog page is where users share their experiences so that it builds support and confidence for the new users and it includes some blogs written by the doctors sharing their experience with patients.
  5. Finally, a profile page where users must complete all the required fields before availing of any facilities provided by the website.

2. Literature Review

In the paper [2], the project targets to expand an AI version that can help a female throughout their being pregnant period. The user data would be utilized for a profound understanding of important milestones during pregnancy through query- answering taking the aid of a prediction model stored over the cloud. The project is currently being used at a small level on the mobile application developed but in the future, it can be used at a larger scale. In paper [3], it states that a pregnant woman using this app can find a tool designed for her that provides information, to carry out a collaborative accompaniment of the healthcare team from the moment of conception through pregnancy period and till childbirth. This pregnancy app offers the possibility of a greater follow-up and provides reassurance to the pregnant women who use it.

In paper [4], the number one goal of this undertaking is to establish, put in force and construct a gadget that gives support for the health facility management. Since the Hospital Management System is critical for keeping a database of the doctor, affected person, health facility workforce, etc, it is understood that on the introduction of the Hospital Management Project into play, the work at the hospitals would be seam-less and efficient. In paper [5], this undertaking ascer-tains the connection among online patient feedback and the General Practice Patient Survey (GPPS) and the Friends and Family Test (FFT). This multi-method demonstrates that online feedback found on NHS Choices is significantly correlated with established measures of quality in primary care. The qualitative evaluation suggests that this shape of comments consists of useful records about patients' reviews of general practice that provide insight into issues of quality and patient safety relevant to primary care.

In paper [6] the research analyzes the content and traits of influential fitness blogs and bloggers to offer a more thorough understanding of the health blogosphere than was previously available. Data accumulated from fitness blogs could be aggregated for large-scale empirical investigations. Future studies should assess the quality of the information posted and discover what weblog capabilities and elements best reflect ad-

herence to prevailing norms of conduct.

3. Methods

3.1 Problem statement

In countries across the world, women become preg-nant be it in their teenage years or in their adulthood which may be either intentional or unintentional. There is a stereotype in several countries to not have intercourse before marriage and if the girl becomes pregnant she will be disregarded from her own family. In some cases, the father of the child also abandons the girl after fearing the consequences of the intercourse. Now as the girl is alone in her problem, she might need external help from society to go through a phase where she is not experienced and have no knowledge about pregnancy health care.

3.2 Objectives

Our project aims to provide a forum for women who wish to discuss their problems and approach a platform where they can share their personal matters with people who understand their problems. The project helps people the forum wherein, the objective is to connect them with a panel of experts and thus help them get online with the advised procedure(s) of abortion or any other related decision based on regular consultancies. 

3.3 Flowchart


Figure 1: Overall Flowchart for the website.

4. Results and Conclusion

The project shows an approach to solve an unorthodox problem where people approach people to help and get helped respectively. The project is a cloud-hosted website development which potentially is a forum with the capability of connecting persons having preg-nancy-related queries which are done via the forum’s user blogs and doctor’s blog. The special feature of this forum is to have a chance to get connected to the gynecologists in order to get the correct expert advice associated with pregnancy health care.


Figure 2: Landing Page for Doctor.


Figure 3: Login Signup Form.


Figure 4: Blog Page for Doctor.


Figure 5: Blog Page for Users.


Figure 6: Q/A Page.


Figure 7: Profile Page.


Figure 8: Django Administration.

5. Future Scope

Based on the planning of our project, there can be some recommendations to improve the features of our website to make it more users friendly, efficient and effective as well:

  1. It may include a section where a patient could schedule an appointment.
  2. There can be a personal chat section based on the unique ID profiles for the patient. The prescriptions could be saved in the chat section.
  3. The website could include testimonials, by providing statistics of people affected by unintended pregnancies and who have been benefitted by the forum.


We would like to show our gratitude and respect to the helpers of this project. We acknowledge the effort of those who have contributed significantly to our project. We express our sincere gratitude and thank-fulness towards Prof. ML Dhore for his valuable time and guidance throughout this project. We feel privileged to offer our sincere thanks and deep sense of gratitude to Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune for giving us a chance to work on such a fascinating project.


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