Vital Signs Monitoring based on a Developed Accelerometer Sensor for Sporty Purposes

Author(s): Atefeh Valipour, Keivan Maghooli

This paper proposes developing a wireless sensor for heartbeat and respiration rate monitoring for the sportsman. The developed wireless sensor, includes an accelerometer sensor, a processor and a transceiver which operates in Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band and the frequency of 2.54 to connect with a central node for transmitting the measured data. In order to evaluate the accuracy of the presented sensor, the different experiments are carried out on several volunteers and the resultant data are compared to a gold standard for respiration rate and also heartbeat as a reference. As the outcomes illustrate, the root means square error (RMSE) and the standard deviation of the error (SD) are calculated less than 2.8 and 1.43 beats per minutes as well as 1.01 and 0.85 breaths per minutes for the heartbeat and respiration rate, respectively. Therefore, the sensor can account a good alternative for cardiorespiratory system monitoring for sporty application, due to low-cost, portable and also availability.

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