Vinci Power Nap® Synchronization Technology - Neuroarchitecture for better sleep, adding Energy for Life, Reducing Stress and Jet Lag, Improving Wellbeing and Body-Mind Regeneration. Helpful for Leaders, Doctors, Soldiers, Children, Drivers, Pilots, Astronauts, People Traveling On Earth And Beyond

Author(s): Magdalena Filcek

The Vinci Power Nap® neurotechnological system created for energy naps, which can benefits mankind on Earth and in space travels. This cutting edge tool helping to reduce stress, jet lag, regulating the circadian rhythm, improving focus, efficiency, reaction times, preventing losing bone mass, the quality of sleep, health and human wellbeing in future smart cities and Lunar, Martian habitats. The remarkable results can be found in studies on UN Delegates at COP24, UNICEF project for war traumatized refugees women and children, soldiers with PTSD, pilots and analog astronauts, showing the healing power of touching, frequency of rocking, napping in a zero gravity position. Good sleep is needed to reset, recover, strengthen the immune system, also avoid errors resulting from fatigue and jet lag, which is especially important for business leaders, doctors, drivers, athletes, students, soldiers, pilots, astronauts and tourists. The frequency of the VPN technology pendulum movement is a revolution in the synchronization of breathing, heartbeat, delta waves in the brain, during which the best regeneration of the body and mind occurs. Moreover, the pulsating pressure on the skin increase the level of hormones: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, etc. All this contributes to the regeneration of sleep and energy, improving human’s psychophysical condition, longevity and advances in sleep and space medicine.

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