University Soccer Players Using Supplements Correctly?

Author(s): Ryunosuke Takahashi and Takako Fujii

A proper diet is a factor necessary for athletes to maintain and improve their health and performance. Supplements have become an inseparable part of athletes’ diets. Studies have shown that athletes in events requiring endurance use more supplements than athletes in other sports. Many studies have shown that athletes report using a variety of supplements, with vitamins, proteins, and amino acids being widely used.

However, a mismatch between reasons for supplement use and products has been reported, especially among younger athletes. Given the above, we examined the use of supplements by university athletes and assessed whether or not the reasons for their use were appropriate. Sixty of the 80 athletes (75%) were taking supplements. Protein was the most common supplement consumed by athletes, followed by multivitamins, multivitamins/minerals, and jelly drinks. Of the 53 players taking proteins, 41 were only taking proteins. University athletes are not largely wrong with regard to the purpose and use of supplements. However, they do not receive sufficient energy, minerals, and other nutrients from their diets and supplements, suggesting that they do not use supplements based on an understanding of what is lacking in their diet. Athletes need to be educated on nutrition so that they can understand their own diet and use supplements as a way to improve their deficiencies.

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