Treatment of Pelvic Floor Hypertonic Disorders with top Flat Magnetic Stimulation in Women with Vestibulodynia: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Andrea Biondo, Filippo Murina, Irene Fusco

Background: Vulvodynia is a popular disease that affects around the 15% of women.

Objectives: In this study we assess the effectiveness and the safeness of a new device that uses Top Flat Magnetic Stimulation for the management of the hypertone in women with vulvodynia.

Methods: PISQ-12 questionnaire for sexual function was used for the evaluation of patient’s vulvodynia improvements. Possible side effects were examined.

Results: In all women examined, the mean score of PISQ-12 significantly decrease from 27,4 (SD 9.6) before treatment session to 15,5 (SD 7.9) after the last session (p < .001), showing an improvement in vulvodynia symptoms. No Side effects were observed.

Conclusion: On the basis of our findings this new technology seems to be able to effectively treat the hypertone condition in vulvodynia disease.

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