The Use of Nutraceuticals in the Top Five Cancers with the Highest Number of Deaths Globally

Author(s): Aayushi Patel, Shrina Patel, Shobha Potlakayala, Arati Sharma, Dhimant Desai, Sairam Rudrabhatla

Cancer is a group of diseases with some of the highest health burdens globally and its mortality rate comes second after heart failure. Conventional cancer treatment options, of which chemotherapy is the main option, do not have a high success rate. As an alternative treatment option, nutraceuticals, derived from “nutrition” and “pharmaceutics,” are being considered. Nutraceuticals have gained traction for their use in cancer treatment and being explored for their therapeutic value. Unlike conventional treatments which have major side effects, nutraceuticals possess minimal side effects. Most recently the implications of nutraceuticals in various types of cancers have been studied due to their medicinal potential and benefits, especially in relation to decreasing the tumor burden.

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