The Scientific Impact of Abstracts on Functional Urology – an Evaluation of the European Association of Urology (EAU) and International Continence Society (ICS) congresses of 2015 until 2019

Author(s): Sümeyye Kozan, Aida Javan-Balegh-Marand, Jasmin Ataei, Laila Najjari, Mohammad Sajjad Rahnama’i

Background: Publication of abstracts at congresses represents an important contribution to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and new studies.

Objectives: Determination of the publication rates about functional urology at the EAU and ICS congress.

Design, Setting and participants: Between 2015 and 2019, all abstracts on functional urology presented at the EAU and ICS congress were examined. The discrepancy between the congress abstracts conclusion and the published abstracts conclusion was compared using a specially created discrepancy score. We determined the publication rates, and the journal impact factors.

Results: 546 abstracts on functional urology were presented at the EAU congress. Of these, 288 were published in a journal. It corresponds to a publication rate of 53%. At the ICS congress, 722 abstracts on functional urology were presented and 411 of them were published in a journal, so we determined a publication rate of 57%.

Conclusion: We recorded a high acceptance rate and distribution of these abstracts. More than 50% of the abstracts on functional urology at both congresses were published in a journal.

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