The Polymorphism of Interleukin 4 in Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Hemodialysis Patients at Khartoum State, Sudan

Author(s): Yousif N, Khair O, Abdel Rahim M El Hussein, Isam M Elkhidir and Khalid A Enan

Background: Interleukin-4 is best known as an important mediator and modular of immune and inflammatory responses to several diseases conditions such as hepatitis B, which is a significant health concern worldwide.

Objectives: To estimate the frequency of different genotypes in IL 4 polymorphism gene -590 C/T in chronic Hepatitis B Virus patients and the control group. To correlate the different genotype of IL4 gene polymorphism with age, gender and location in Khartoum state.

Method: IL4-590C/T polymorphism was examined in 56 patients with chronic hepatitis B and 30 non-hepatitis B infected controls, using the polymerase chain reaction –restriction length polymorphism method.

Result: Our results showed a significant difference between the C/C, T/C, and T/T genotypes and the C and T alleles of the -590 region of IL-4 in chronic hepatitis B patients compared with the controls.

Conclusion: Results of this study indicate that the functional gene polymorphisms of IL-4 may play an important part in the development of chronic hepatitis B.

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