The Neuroarchitecture Technology of Vinci Power Nap: A Revolution in Fast Stress Reduction, Newborns Protection, Well-being and Sleep Regeneration also for People with Trauma, Depression and PTSD in Smart Cities

Author(s): Magdalena Filcek

The article presents the benefits of the interdisciplinary science behind the revolutionary designed neuroarchitecture system and its role in improving the quality of life and well-bing of inhabitants, leaders, heroes, astronauts, on the example of Vinci Power Nap® - Dream’s Space®. The author examines its impact on reducing stress and anxiety levels, helping to prevent and treat depression, trauma and PTSD, also as a tool to support health, sleep, relaxation, alertness, increase productivity, education, focus, sense of safe and happiness, based on wide-ranging, multidisciplinary, objective and subjective in-depth pilot studies on traumatized people and surveyed groups of stressed corporate employees, international students and people with depression from psychiatric clinic. Research shows that this type of design can create a microgravity experience and also relaxing the Zero Gravity Position with gravitational pressure on the skin, which together with the force of inertia and harmonic oscillation motion create aid for the patency of the lymphatic system and can be helpful in protection of newborns from cot death. A specially designed environment allows all six senses to be soothed simultaneously, helping to ensure calm and balance in homeostasis, allows in natural way to lower cortisol levels, increase oxytocin, serotonin, vagus nerve activity, etc, leading to the fast mental and physical regeneration, also improving the immune system.

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