The Mysterious Domination of Food Contaminants and Adulterants in Bangladesh

Author(s): Mohiuddin AK

Food adulteration and contamination are as old as the civilization itself. It is the consequence of the development of civilization, over utilization of nature, industrialization and in a price for the progression. It is highly prominent in Urban areas of Bangladesh. It is the consequence of commercialism of business people who are doing this knowingly to maximize profit. Higher degree of awareness shown by the people with higher educational background. Government regulatory agencies are less confident regarding food standard testing, as reported in the study. Educated people show higher degree of awareness of how the quality of food should be maintained. Regulatory authority is found to be in confidant in testing the food standard which also reflects their negligence. Safe food means, in general, there will be no danger from harmful elements that are deliberately added to food products in the country. The economic development of this country rarely reveals the basic literacy and consciousness of mass people. Necessary steps are to be taken to protect the environment for our own existence.


Purpose of the study: Brief review of chemical induced food contamination, their consequences and control. Healthcare providers/Policy makers have a major role play to concerned field.


Materials and Methods: Comprehensive literature search followed by consulting healthcare professionals about adulteration and food contamination. Hospital, clinic, newspaper journalists, NGO workers were interviewed and asked help for necessary books, journal, newsletters. A few western magazine and newspapers also observed to get necessary concern. Projections were based on various types of adulteration in food served/sold to general people from variety of sources.

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