The ‘5 F’s Concept for Pelvic Floor Muscle Training: From Finding the Pelvic Floor to Functional Use

Author(s): Bary Berghmans, Maura Seleme

Objective: To introduce and discuss the ‘5 F’s concept as an innovative concept for pelvic floor muscle training in women with pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Material and methods: Introduction of and explanation about the concept of the ‘5 F’s, i.e., ‘Find-Feel-Force-Follow-through-Functional’ training of pelvic floor muscles. Alignment with evidence-based physiotherapy assessment. Discussion of how biofeedback is an important assessment instrument, especially for identification of the key-element pre-contraction of the pelvic floor muscles during any increase of intra-abdominal pressure rise.

Results: Based on adequate physiotherapeutic diagnostics including biofeedback a proper patient selection who will benefit most of innovative PFMT with or without biofeedback is possible.

Conclusions: Innovative and conceptual pelvic floor muscle training is an important and valuable first-line treatment option in the management of women with pelvic floor dysfunctions.

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