The Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Health Education Campaign and Breast Self-Examination Training among Female Detainees, Khartoum City- Sudan

Author(s): Ahmed Osman Ahmed Mohamed, Muneer Makki Musa Nori, Randa Ahmed Abdalrheem Altamih

Introduction: Breast cancer has high mortality rate because most cases present at late stages. However, certain acts like breast self-examination may reduce the incidence of the disease. Therefore this study aimed to assess the effectiveness of breast cancer health education campaign and breast self-examination training among female detainees, Khartoum city- Sudan.

Method and Materials: One group pretest and posttest quasi-experiment conducted among 820 detainees at Dar- Altaebat prison, Khartoum state. 297 respondents were involved in the pre-interventional and post-interventional phases. A self-administered structured questionnaire was used for data collection.

Results: 297 responses were finally analyzed, the mean age was found to be 31, SD ± 11.2. The mean knowledge score about breast cancer increased significantly (p.value = 0.00) from 11.2 (SD ± 8.22) to 26.1 (SD ± 14.19). Regarding knowledge about BSE, the overall mean of knowledge score was significantly higher in the post-interventional phase (p.value =0.000), changed from 1.54(SD ± 2.18) to 2.33(SD ± 1.56). Also, the percentage of those with a good attitude towards breast cancer and breast self-examination was higher in the post-interventional phase.

Conclusion: Our respondents demonstrated poor knowledge regarding breast cancer and BSE at the pre-interventional phase, poor practice and limited positive attitude toward BSE, but the intervention we made enhanced the participants' knowledge and attitude towards breast cancer and self-examination, but with no significant enhancement in BSE practice.

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