The Effect of the Number of Eating Out on Metabolic Syndrome and the Moderating Effect of Health Behavior in Korean

Author(s): SunA LEE

Objectives: This study was conducted to prepare fundamental data and prevention measure of metabolic syndrome, and assess the effect of the number of Korean eating out on metabolic syndrome and the moderating effect of health behavior among Korean adults.

Methods: Study subjects were number of 5,206 people with biochemical indicators and basic variables, meal variables, and health behavior variables among the people who participated in the 8th National Health and Nutrition Survey (2019). The collected data were analysed by one-way ANOVA, regression analysis, and Hayes' Process Macro model 1 analysis using IBM SPSS(ver. 26.0) statistical package program.

Results: There were significant correlations between the number of eating out, metabolic syndrome, and health behavior. There was positive (+) effect of eating out on metabolic syndrome. There was significant moderating effect of stress recognition rate in the relationship between the number of eating out and metabolic syndrome.

Conclusion: As above results, the author consider that it should be reducing the number of eating out to reduce metabolic syndrome, and health behavior management is also necessary, especially stress management. This study will be fundamental data of future study on metabolic syndrome and health improvement among adults.

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