Situation of Livestock, Production and its Products in Nepal

Author(s): Bhatta BR, Kaphle K, Yadav KK

Nepal is a land where animals outnumber humans (28.98 million) and livestock an integral part of the way of life. Agriculture still remains the main occupation dropping rapidly through but still hovers around 65% population, livestock covers 32% of agricultural GDP and about 11.5% of total country GDP. Livestock forms integral part and combined population of bovine is estimated to be around 25.54 million and six species of animals represent major livestock’s raised and total number of animals around 94.57 million. The problem of Nepal revolves around the resources for inputs, capacity to achieve optimum management and value for products. Socio legal laxity, limited technical approach and capacity to diversify and value add remains major challenges. With billion each population on North and South, resources that can support sustainable production and products that can fetch premium price, Nepal have huge scope in its livestock sector.

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