Scientific Evidence for the Cancer Treatment of Human-Natured Infrared Radiation and Stimulated Electron Radiation

Author(s): Enkhmaa Erdene-Ochir, Batsuuri Jamiyan, and Munkhbaatar Chinbat

The treatments of surgery in the early stages of cancer, physical radiation and chemotherapy in severe metastases are now commonplace around the world. When the cancer has spread (metastasis) within the organ of its first formation and to other parts of the body, these methods can increase life expectancy by a maximum of five years. At the current level of scientific progress, no perfect cure for cancer has yet been found. Here, we demonstrate the result of our study of how Purevsuren Begzjav, a Mongolian citizen and healer, uses her natural bioenergy to completely cure late-stage cancer. It was found that B.Purevsuren’s palms (body) emit hot photons of stimulated electrons saturated with infrared light at 40°C to 45°C, which regenerate the patient’s bioplasma (energy) body and restrain the cancer foci and eradicate it. B.Purevsuren’s innate infrared energy reaches the organs and organ systems of the human body in appropriate doses, is harmless, and the level of her bioenergy parameters is quite stable. For example, the mean pre-treatment bioenergy area of the healer (¯X±S = 11549.3±672.3) is maintained at 98.4 percent compared to the post-treatment average (¯X±S = 11368.0±650.2). However, the mean pre-treatment bioenergy intensity of the healer (¯X±S = 75.42±1.48) is maintained at 99.6 percent compared to the post-treatment average (¯X±S = 75.14±1.53). The result of B. Purevsuren’s treatment is providing evidence that there is a scientific approach to cure cancer with photons of human-natured, high-temperature infrared energy-stimulated electrons completely. Trial registration (NIRT20121127), November 27, 2012.

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