Role of Ribonucleotides in Improving Muscle Cell Function

Author(s): Francesca Uberti, Sara Ruga, Vera Morsanuto, Rebecca Galla, Mahitab Farghali, Claudio Molinari

Based on data present in literature about some beneficial effects of nucleotides in reducing inflammation, and on lacking information about the mechanisms underlying the cellular aspects of exercise, the aim of this study was to examine the effects of the administration of a mixture of nucleotides and nucleotide-ribose on energy metabolism and contractility in cultured skeletal muscle cells in presence or absence of caffeine-dependent hyper-contraction. C2C12 cells were treated with various nucleotides forms, named Ribodiet®, RIBOCARE® MIX 1, RIBOCARE® MIX 2, and RNA-Na. Cell viability, calcium, and magnesium movements and the main kinases involved in glucose uptake have been analyzed. The level of glycogen and the presence of lactate have been evaluated as well. Since some important findings were obtained, additional experiments analyzed the effects of the same nucleotide forms under severe exercise conditions in order to understand the correct human use of nucleotides as food supplements to better support the exercise effects. The results obtained show for the first time, a direct effect of nucleotides on energy metabolism and calcium/ magnesium movements during in vitro exercise simulation and provide useful indications to support muscle cells during exercise or during aging.



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