Risky Sexual Behaviours among School-going Adolescent in Malaysia-Findings from National Health and Morbidity Survey 2017

Author(s): Noor Aliza Lodz, Mohd Hatta Abd Mutalip, Mohd Amierul Fikri Mahmud, Maria Awaluddin S, Norzawati Yoep, Faizah Paiwai, Mohd Hazrin Hashim, Maisarah Omar, Noraida Mohamad Kasim, Noor Ani Ahmad

Sexual activities among adolescents poses to sexually transmitted infection (STI) and also unintended pregnancies. This study aims to determine the prevalence of risky sexual activities among school going adolescent in Malaysia. A cross-sectional study with a total of 27,497 secondary school students was done in March-April 2017. A self-administered structured and validated questionnaire was given to answer. The prevalence of ever had sex among adolescents in Malaysia was 7.3% and mostly among males and Indians. The associated factors to sexual activity among adolescents include ever used drugs with aOR=10.201 and ever smoked aOR=1.628. Among those who ever had sex, 87.3% did not use condom, 16.6% had multiple sexual partners and 31.7% had sex before the age of 14 years. The risky sexual behaviours are relatively high among these adolescents. Sexual health educations and programmes in school is vital to prevent any sexual-health related issues among adolescents.

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