Results of Arthroscopic Repair of Bankart Lesion in Chronic Anterior Instability of the Shoulder

Author(s): Halder RC, Rahaman SK, Khan MMR, Mamun MBA, Faruqe O, Islam MS, Hoque M, Rashid MMO, Hossain GMJ

Background: The shoulder is the most commonly dislocated major joint, affecting roughly 2% of the general population. Long-term studies have demonstrated a correlation between the number of instability episodes and the risk of degenerative arthritis. In an effort to treat the unstable shoulder, orthopedic surgeons have described several different operations that may help to prevent recurrent subluxation or dislocation in chronic instability cases. This study has been undertaken to assess the short-term functional outcome of Arthroscopic repair of Bankart’s Lesion in patients with Chronic Anterior Instability of the Shoulder using Constant Murley’s Score.

Material and Method: This prospective observational study was carried out at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (NITOR), from July 2017 to June 2019. Twenty cases of chronic anterior shoulder dislocation meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria were taken in this study and underwent arthroscopic repair of bankart lesion. Here, 3 or 4 anchors were used. Cases were followed up for 6 months. The outcome was assessed with Constant Murley Scoring.

Results: The mean age was 26.716.83 years with a male predominance (95%). Most cases were students (50%) and the main cause of injury was sports (50%). The mean recurrence number was 10.65 ± 4.75 times and was significantly associated with decreasing age. The mean interval between 1 injury and surgery was 3 ± 1.89 years. Bankart lesions were found in 20% of cases in pre-operative imaging. At the final follow-up, 2 (10%) cases of limited movement were found. In 18 (90%) cases, 3 anchors were used. Finally, there was significant improvement regarding pain status, activity of daily living, forward flexion, abduction, external rotation, internal rotation and power of shoulder muscle. In the last follow-up, 2 (10%) cases of limited movement were found. The mean CMS pre-operatively and post-operatively were 63.05 ± 5.23 and 88.25 6.29 respectively (p<0.05). In the final outcome, 16 (80%) scored excellent, 3 (15%) were found good and 1 (5%) was found poor.

Conclusion: It may be concluded that arthroscopic Repair of Bankart Lesion with suture anchors in chronic anterior instability of the shoulder is a safe surgery regardless of shoulder function or range of motion.

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