Reconstruction of the Neck Post-Burn Contracture using Island Flap based on the Pectoral Fasciocutaneous Branch of Cervical Transverse Artery

Author(s): Jong-Ha Pak, Jin-Ho Kang, So-Hyok Ri, Gang-Chol Kim, Sol-Bong Hong

Background: Soft tissue defects in the cervico-facial region can result from burn, electrical injury and trauma. Most common defect is post-burn contracture. Anterior scar of neck after burn results in cosmetic and functional trouble, which fall in quality of life so that is very important problem in plastic surgery.

Methods: Between August 2007 and October 2016, 58 patients with neck scar contracture (study group 35 patient, control group 23 patients) underwent reconstruction of neck defects after release of post-burn contractures with the pectoral fasciocutaneous branch of cervical transverse artery based skin flap at our hospital. After discharge the first follow-up visit was on the 10thpostoperative day. The patients were subsequently followed up at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. The dimensions of the flap were measured and the patients photographed at the time of discharge and at subsequent visits. Control group underwent the thick split thickness skin graft.

Results: All the flaps survived almost completely. Function and appearance of the necks improved obviously. All patients were satisfied with the result.

Conclusion: This flap is one of the axial flaps with characters of reliable blood supply matched color and texture.

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