Quality of Aquatic Products via Cryogenic Freezing

Author(s): Hoa T Truonghuynh, Baoguo Li

The quality of perishable nutritious aquatic products can be sustained by the technique of cryogenic freezing. In this paper, physicochemical changes that aquatic products experienced in the cryogenic freezing process were reviewed. Due to the rapid freezing rates, cryogenic freezing resulted in the lower drip loss, higher water holding capacity and smaller ice crystals. The technique can obviate the protein denaturation of fish muscle, inhibit the formation of thiobarbituric acid reactive substances and reduce the lipid oxidation. The pH values, firstly decreased and then increased in the storage duration after cryogenic freezing. Texture of cryogenic aquatic products experienced the significant differences in different parameters. Few studies about color and sensory attributes of cryogenic aquatic products were investigated. Besides, quality drawbacks of cryogenic technique were still existed in defective morphology, thawing loss and other enzymatic changes of food products. Moreover, some methods applied recently to assist cryogenic freezing had been presented.

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