Psycho-Social Predictors of Peripartum Depression among Nigerian Women

Author(s): Eke OH, Onyenyirionwu UG

Although research evidence indicates that there are psycho-social factors that contributes to mental health in diverse populations, Impact of these psycho-social factors in developing peripartum depression has been given little research attention in Nigeria. The present study examined Psychosocial predictors of peripartum depression among Nigerian women. Participants were 350 neonates mothers drawn from health facilities in eastern Nigeria using a purposive sampling technique. Data was collected by means of self-report measures translated into the local dialect of the neonate mothers. Multiple regression results showed that marital status was a significant and negative predictor of peri-partum depression. Employment status, mode of delivery, social support, nature of pregnancy and pregnancy complications were significant and positive predictors of peripartum depression among pregnant women. Psycho-social based differential in developing peripartum depression should be addressed by researchers and healthcare practitioners.

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