Prevalence and Risk Factors of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Likasi, in The Democratic Republic of The Congo: A Preliminary Study

Author(s): Hénoch Kabala Tshasuma, Chamy Lubamba Cham, Joseph Bulanda Nsambi, Charles Wembonyama Mpoy

Objective: To determine the prevalence and identify risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in Likasi City in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study of 203 pregnant women was conducted in Likasi. The diagnosis of GDM was made by oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), using the CyanSmart automaton, and the criteria of the International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Group (IADPSG) were used. The Chi-square test and the calculation of the odds ratio and 95% confidence interval were used with the significance level set at p<0.05.

Results: The median age of pregnant women was 28 years (interquartile range: 23-33) and the median parity of 3 (interquartile range: 1-5). The majority of them were housewives. The prevalence of GDM was 17.24% (95% CI: 12.31%-23.14%). History of preterm birth (adjusted OR=5.24 [1.40-19.66]) was the only risk factor significantly associated with GDM.

Conclusion: Our study shows that GDM is indeed a public health problem in Likasi City. The history of prematurity is independently associated with GDM.

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