Potential Benefits of Supplementation with Lecithin-Based Delivery Form of Boswellia serrata Extract and CoQ10 on Amateur Athletes for the Recovery of Acute Traumas or Chronic Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Single-Arm Pilot study

Author(s): Luca Gatteschi, Pier Luigi Davolio, Simona Busi, Pietro Allegrini, Giovanna Petrangolini, Martino Meneghin and Antonella Riva

A pilot study aimed to evaluate potential advantages of Boswellia and Coenzyme Q10 supplementation was performed in amateur athletes for the recovery from both acute trauma and chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as chondropathy, tendinopathy and meniscopathy. Both Boswellia and Coenzyme Q10 in the present study formulated in phospholipids (Indena Phytosome™ technology) were for the first time combined in the same dietary supplement (WellQ10™). Administration was scheduled for seven days as two tablets two times a day, followed by further two tablets a day for two weeks in acute trauma; and for seven days as two tablets a day, followed by one tablet a day for three weeks in chronic disorders. A significant reduction of pain perception evaluated by VAS score was obtained after supplementation in both acute and chronic conditions. A reduction in recovery time in several amateur athletes with acute trauma was also observed. Boswellia serrata has already been described in Ayuverdic ancient tradition to have well-known anti-inflammatory properties, and Coenzyme Q10 is understood to have antioxidant properties in the context of oxidative stress generated by both strenuous training and sports activity versus trauma. The results achieved in the present study support the beneficial effect of the combination of the two ingredients in a unique supplement. The advantage of using the Phytosome™ delivery technique has opened new perspectives for future applications in the sports trauma recovery field.

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