Post Partum Mood Disorders and Management

Author(s): Pathiraja P D M

Suicide and deliberate self-harm during pregnancy is becoming an emerging problem in globally. Due to changes of the hormonal levels, lack of support at home and previous mental well-being issues would contribute for the bad outcomes during pregnancy. Pregnancy and the pueperium are at times sufficiently stressful to provoke mental illness. Such illness may represent recurrence or exacerbation of a preexisting psychiatric disorder, or may signal the onset of a new disorder. In developed countries suicide is a leading cause of maternal death. Post partum mood disorders are classified in to several categories based on the DSM-IV classification. Post partum blues is the commonest cause (85%). Puerperal psychosis is rare (0.1%), however, it is an psychiatric emergency. Electroconvulsive therapy is safe in pregnancy. Patient who need inward care better to admit to special mother and baby care units. Psychiatric disorders during pregnancy have been associated with poor prenatal care, substance abuse, poor obstetrical and infant outcomes, chronic mental health problems.

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