Poor Management Skills: “A Contributing Factor to High Turnover Rate in Nursing Homes”

Author(s): Obianuju C Efobi

Undeniably, long-term healthcare facilities have been linked to having high turnover rates and this, in turn, hurts the company’s resources and the quality of care for senior citizens. Stabilizing the workforce and updating training standards are imperative to reforming long-term healthcare facilities and support systems in the United States. This retrospective quantitative study aims to analyze if there are connections between employee turnover and poor organizational skills in nursing homes. Employees of concern are caregivers employed in the homecare industry in various parts of the USA. Further analysis of several materials implied that there is a negative link between employee turnover and poor management skills. Moreover, an increase in turnover rate impacts the organization in different ways as the organization loses the expertise of experienced employees and its reputation in the community. The conclusion of this study suggested that managers must switch leadership styles to create a conducive environment for employees which will lead to plummeting figures in caregiver turnover rates, which will ultimately stabilize the physical well-being of residents.

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