Placenta Percreta with Bladder Involvement Requiring Massive TransfusionSuccessful Outcome with Multidisciplinary Management

Author(s): M. M. Alrayssi*, Amr, Senthil, A. Alsadi, H. Esmaeilpour, C. Ahmad**, M.H. Alhamad, Kotiesh, M.M. Al Masri, Rafe, K. alsel, S. Abuhejleh, F. Yusuf, E. M. Azad, T. A. Hamid, A. Alyammahi, N. Abdelbadie, A. Aboelkheir, S. Alkhattal, T. Binashour, Md. Jarai , M. Altammam, E. Surovtseva, Md. Amjad, F. Aljanahi, A. Hayat, Asma Md*, Z. Haider*, M. Moghaveleh, Y. Saeedi, F. Bagheri

Placenta percreta is a rare disorder of pregnancy in which the villi of the placenta penetrates the myometrium of the uterus and can invade into the surrounding organs. Most commonly it invades the posterior part of the urinary bladder, the ureter or ileum. The incidence of placenta percreta is increasing due to the increased prevalence of Cesarean section, increased maternal age and multiparity, other prior uterine surgeries and dilatation and curettage, endometrial ablation, irradiation to uterus, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, and smoking. Placenta percreta with other organs involvement in the pelvis has a high maternal and foetal mortality. Hence multidisciplinary management in tertiary care centre capable of providing massive transfusions can reduce the maternal and foetal mortality.

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