Pitfalls in Oncocardiology

Author(s): Tamás Kullmann, Nikolett Révész, Adél Ambrus, Dóra Füzi, Tamás Pintér, Csaba András Dézsi

Background: Onco-cardiology is a developing interdisciplinary field aiming to help oncologists to cope with the cardiovascular complications and comorbidities of patients followed for malignancies. Side effects of cytotoxic chemotherapies and targeted treatments are put into focus.

Methods: We selected from our database the most frequent cardiovascular complication and three cases that we found especially relevant from a clinical point of view.

Results: The establishment of the diagnosis of diastolic heart failure on a clinical basis is pointed out. The management of aortic valvulopathy, radiogenic myocarditis and a drug-induced conduction disorder is discussed.

Conclusions: The sensitisation of the oncologists to the evaluation of the cardiac status of their patients by their own is emphasised. Diastolic heart failure should be considered for cancer patients developing dyspnoea. The replacement of stenotic aortic valve should be considered for cancer patients with favourable prognosis.

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