On the Utilization and Influencing Factors of Internet + Nursing for homebound Elderly Patients with Chronic Disease

Author(s): Xiaoli Wang, Suding Fei, Ning Sun, Mingjun Chen, Juan Li, Binglei Li

Aim: The purpose of this paper is to investigate and analyze the current application states of "Internet+" nursing for elderly patients with chronic disease and identify the factors that influence its usage.

Design: This is a cross-sectional observational study.

Methods: A general information questionnaire and an internet + nursing questionnaire were developed.a total of 738 elderly patients with chronic disease from six general hospitals in Zhejiang were randomly sampled and statistically analyzed.

Rresults: Overall, 287 people (38.92 %) were aware of Internet + nursing, with 132 (17.89 percent) having used it, while 286 people (63.42 %) did not use it. Among those, 63.42% were unaware of it, and 43.9 % had no idea how to use a smartphone. The study reveals a high demand for "Internet+" nursing. Some factors, such as high education, high income, more hospitalizations, multiple chronic diseases, contracted family doctor service, training received, and smartphone use, were found to promote the use of Internet + nursing. In summary, there is also a high demand for elderly patients with chronic diseases, but the usage remains low, including a mismatch between supply and demand.

Patient or Public Contribution: Our results help to strengthen public support for elderly patients suffering from chronic diseases receive continuous, convenient, accessible, and high-quality care services.

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