Myths and Misconceptions about Menstruation: A Study of Adolescent School Girls of Delhi

Author(s): Dr. Nandini Sahay

Menstruation is a natural process which occurs in a healthy female’s body. It starts around the age of 11 and continues for almost three decades. Beginning of the menstrual cycle brings in physiological change in the life of the adolescent girls. However, in India majority of the adolescent girls are ignorant of these changes and lack scientific knowledge of menstruation. This is because this topic is shrouded in secrecy.

The objective of the study was to assess the understanding of the adolescent girls about the menstrual cycle and the myths and misconception they have about it. The present study is based on analysis of primary data. A structured questionnaire was prepared and administered on adolescent girls of schools of Delhi Government.

The study focussed on various aspects related to menstruation. Based on the findings, proposed role of social worker has been explored to address the issue of prevailing myths, taboos and misconceptions. Also recommendations have been made to improve knowledge of girls on the subject, so that their education is not affected and they are able to avail all the opportunities for their better future.

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