Myelofibrosis with Transient Pancytopenia and CD-68 Marker Positivity: A Case to Review

Author(s): Muhammad Sohaib Asghar, Saad Aslam, Durre Naman, Maryam Zafar, Narmin Khan, Haris Alvi, Uzma Rasheed, Abubakar Tauseef

Myelofibrosis is characterized by a group of clonal neoplastic proliferation under the influence of cytokines such as fibroblast growth factor (particularly by megakaryocytes) which leads to the replacement of normal hematopoietic bone marrow with connective tissue via collagen fibrosis. It most commonly affects patients in the fifth and sixth decade of their life. Constitutional symptoms such as fatigue along with massive splenomegaly, easy fatigability, and easy bruising are reported most commonly in such patients. Here we present a case of a 76-year-old male who was diagnosed with myelofibrosis having transient pancytopenia and CD-68 marker positive.

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