Missed Diagnosis: Infantile Hemangioma or Arteriovenous Malformation? Clinical Case

Author(s): Safin Dinar, Onlasynov Aziz, Amatov Daniiar

Infantile hemangioma (IH) is represented by proliferation of endothelium pathological vessels in infants. This tumor occurs in 5-10% of children of the first life. Frequent localization on the skin is the area of the head and neck. IH is characterized by certain periods: the period of growth, stabilization of growth and involution of tumor. External manifestations are quite typical and depend on the type of IH. For diagnosis, it is enough to take into account the data of anamnesis, clinical picture and sonography. However, due to the similarity of the external manifestations of vascular anomalies, erroneous diagnoses and incorrect treatment are possible. Arteriovenouse malformation (AVM) is one of the diseases with which it is necessary to carry out differential diagnosis. Unlike IH, AVM it requires more aggressive invasive treatment. The purpose of the publication is to present a clinical observation of a patient with an erroneous diagnosis of "infantile hemangioma".

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