Medications and Supplements Prescription Patterns during COVID 19 Pandemic in Yemen: A Questionnaire-Based Study

Author(s): Abdullah Chahin, Ghulam Dhabaan, Abdulrahman Buhaish, Mahmoud Shorman

Introduction: the study aims to better understand the COVID-19 prescription treatments and over the counter regimens in Yemen in view of limited published data and limited availability of COVID-19 testing.

Methods: A 34 question web-based survey was distributed on social media outlets targeting people in Yemen. Data aggregation, analysis, and visualization were performed using Tableau and Microsoft Excel.

Results: 2341 individuals reported symptoms concerning for COVID-19 infection, with 25.4% reporting a chronic medical condition. Female patients were less likely to receive medications for treatment in all age groups examined. Azithromycin was the most prescription medication prescribed (32.8%) and vitamin C being the most supplement used (62%). Around 5.5% were on Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis prior to their diagnosis and only 12.9% of them continued using after diagnosis.

Conclusions: This study provides some important information about the commonly observed treatments and prescription patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic in Yemen during May- July of 2020. The study reflects the influence of global trends in medication prescription even in resource-limited countries.

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