Intimate Partner Violence among Pregnant Women and Associated Factors in Negelle Borena Town Guji Zone, South Oromia

Author(s): Kebebush Worku, Hunde Lami, Godana Arero

Background: Intimate partner violence is an important public health and human rights issue. Intimate partner violence during pregnancy has been found to be associated with fatal and non-fatal adverse health outcomes for the pregnant woman and her baby. The aim of this study is to determine the magnitude of intimate partner violence among pregnant mothers and associated factors.

Objective: To assess Intimate partner violence among pregnant women and associated factors in Negelle Borena town in the selected public health facility 2020.

Methods: Facility based cross-sectional study was carried out from Oct15 –Dec15/2020. Face to face interviews were conducted using a pre-tested structured questionnaire. The collected data was entered into Epi info version and then exported into Statical package for social science version 20 for analysis. Descriptive statistics were conducted. Bivariate analysis was done to select candidate variable for multivariate analysis. Finally, variables which had significant associations with intimate violence during pregnancy were identified on the basis of p-value<0.05 and AOR with 95% CI.

Result: About 44.3% (95% CI 44.2-44.4) of pregnant women had faced at least one form of intimate partner violence during the current pregnancy. Psychological violence 29.1%, Sexual violence 24.4%, physical violence 23.9% were forms of violence the respondents was encountered. Respondents who were primary educated (AOR 2.99, 95%CI 1.23-7.25), secondary educated (AOR 2.36,95%CI 1.047-5.34),respondents in age group of 26-34years (AOR 0.20 95%CI 0.065-0.64) and age group of >=35years (AOR 0.26, 95%CI 0.09-0.77),responandants with history of miscarriage, abortion and/ still birth (AOR 0.5 ,95%CI 0.32-0.78),respondents who accepted their partner had right to beat them(AOR 1.83 , 95% CI 1.82-2.82),respondents whose partners were in age group of 4

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