Innovative Observation of MDA-MB-231 Cell Vitality in Mice Upon 266-nm Laser Irradiation

Author(s): Ray-Ling Hsiao, Ying-Chun Chen, Chiang-Yun Chen, Yu-Wei Lin, Chung-Yi Wu

In this innovative experiment, MDA-MB-231 cells were irradiated with a 266-nm laser for 5s, and then injected into NOD/SCID mice. The survival rate of the experimental mice was significantly reduced compared to that of the control mice (p=0.029), which also indicated the vitality of the experimental cells in vivo. The enhancement effect of a 266-nm laser on cells in xenotransplantation after 5 s of exposure was studied for the first time in this study. The findings of this study provide potential for future live cell therapies.

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