Impact of Physical Activity and Sport on the Symptoms of Menstrual and Premenstrual Periods

Author(s): Talitha Allegretti de Lima-Trostdorf, Eliane Cristina Hilberath Moreira, Josiane Marques Felcar Piaie de Oliveira, Julia Emanuele Grotti, Laura Casagrande Zago, Christiane de Souza Guerino Macedo</

Differences in physical and mentalsymptoms of menstrual and premenstrual periods were analyzed in sedentary, active, and athlete women. Thewomen (227: 77 sedentary, 90 active and 60 athletes) answered the online questionnaire about symptoms related to the menstrual and premenstrual periods.In the menstrual period, the most intense symptoms were dysmenorrhea, bad mood, discouragement, and anxiety. In the premenstrual periodthe main symptoms were headache, edema, bad mood and sadness. The athletes showed less symptoms than sedentary and active women in menstrual and premenstrual periods. The menstrual symptomswere worse than in the premenstrual period. Finally, 62.1% of participants used medication to relieve menstrual period symptoms and 23.3% for premenstrual symptoms, the majority of which were self-administered. The active women and the athletesreduced the intensity of their training in menstrual period. Up to 80.5% of participants reported a preference to discuss menstrual cycle issues with women, and were embarrassed. Then, the symptoms of the menstrual period are greater and worse than those presented in the premenstrual period. Athletes presented fewer physical and mental symptoms. The symptoms presented in the menstrual period should also be evaluated and treated to improve the physical and mental symptoms of women.

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