Immunity Reaction by Chemotherapy Drug with DNP or Penicillin Introtumoral Injection in Mice Bearing Tumor

Author(s): Baofa, Yu; Jian Zhang; Yan Han; Guoqin Zheng; Feng Gao; Peng Jing; and Peicheng Zhang; Shengjun Zhou

Introduction: To observe the abscopal effect related to acute inflammation in tumors with immunity reactions induced by an intratumoral injection of a chemotherapy drug with DNP or penicillin.

Methods: The C57BL/6 mice melanoma injected by a difference drug with DNP or penicillin and dissected for qPCR assay of expression of immune genes. Results: It showed that drug induced inflammation with expression of the CoL1a1, CD4, IL12aÂ, TGFb1Â, Elastin, Elastin, Cox2, CD11b/c, CD8, TNFa was detected at different days. The different drug and hapten induced a different expression of these genes. Group B, with Adr and DNP or penicillin, induces high expression,at day 1. With DNP, CD 11bc, CD8 and TNFa is especially high, while with Penicillin, CD11b/c, CD4 and CD8 is high. Group C, with BLM and DNP or penicillin, induces gene expression. DNP does not have higher gene expression, but penicillin did for IL12aÂ, CD11b/c, TNFaÂ. Group D, with PYM and DNP or penicillin, induces the genes’ expression. DNP does not have higher expression, but penicillin has a special higher expression of IL12a at day 4.

Discussion: Use of penicillin alone can induce strong immunity expression of IL12aÂ, CD11b/c, TNFaÂ, DNP, Adr, BLM and PYM alone cannot induce same immunity. It is the most important of CD11b/c expression in acute inflammation for tumor antigen presenting cell in tumor immunity reaction which related to be abscopal effect. A drug with DNP or Penicillin intratumoral injection can induce an acute inflammation in tumor with immunity reaction.

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