Health Care Waste: Avoiding Hazards to Living and Non Living Environment by Efficient Management

Author(s): Deepak S Khobragade

Healthcare profession is one of the most Nobel professions, but it generates a lot of waste material referred as health care waste (HCW) or Bio-waste. HCW is not only hazardous to human life, but also for all living organisms and whole of the environment if not properly handled and disposed. The HCW is composed of various fractions with variable dangers depending on their origin and content. The HCW cannot be treated as a general waste, but needs to be treated specially considering its danger to human and environment. There are various methods for disposing HCW which must be selected in view of the waste properties and suitability. Health care centers must design and follow appropriate waste management policies and methodologies to reduce and minimize deleterious effects on human and other living beings and environment.

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