Game Addiction is Included in Mental Illness and Medical Care is A Challenge: Textual and Discourse Analysis

Author(s): Yi-Sheng Wang Chao-Feng Lin

The popularity of smartphones and mobile communications has made mobile phones and game addictions like "electronic opium" spread. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially listed "gaming disorders" as mental illness at the beginning of this year. In 2018, it is expected to encourage more experts to invest in relevant medical research, so that addicts have more resources to seek help. The researchers used the method of Textual and Discourse Analysis. The narrative document not only reflects norms, but also shapes norms: human behavior is based on social structure, but in turn constructs social structures. The findings are that human beings are destined to live in a virtual world. There is no good or evil, only how to choose. We can also use the electronic virtual world to help our lives.

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