Environmental Degradation its Impact on Natural Resources Depletion

Author(s): Aloni Clinton1, Alexander Chinago Budnukaeku

The environment is everything that surrounds us, with pool of resources that helps us to satisfy our needs and fulfill our wants. Within the geographical boundaries of any nation are abundant reservoir of resources and their proper utilization will result to the positive development of such nation. Man realizing the benefits derivable from these resources will extract and process them for the benefits of mankind, and the environmental effects associated with processing and extraction of the resources are air, land, water and noise pollution, as well as the problem of solid waste disposal, and also the susceptibility of the land to erosion, increase in the occurrence of landslides, mudflows and slumps. In an effort to ameliorate the related environmental problems, the Federal Government of Nigeria embarked on some policies that will bring about the general development of the country to ensure that there is total improvement of the well-being of the people, socially, politically and economically for a better future.

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