Effective Tumor Control Following Re-Irradiation Combined with Superficial Hyperthermia of Inoperable, Locally Recurrent Breast Cancers

Author(s): Notter Markus, Thomsen AR, Vaupel P

Inoperable, locally Recurrent Breast Cancer (LRBC) in previously irradiated regions is a challenging disease to manage. Superficial Hyperthermia (sHT) in combination with Re-Irradiation (re-RT) offers an effective local tumor control with a total re-RT dose of 20 Gy. The low toxicity enables the application of repeated re-irradiations, especially in recurrent lymphangiosis carcinomatosa. This technology can also be applied with other superficial tumor types, e.g., in primary or radiation-associated angiosarcoma or skin metastasis.

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