Dry Needling as a Treatment for Hallux Valgus – A Case Report

Author(s): Zilberberg O, Dr. Sheehan N MISCP MMedSE PhD, Dr. Sanocka D MD PhD

Introduction: Hallux Valgus, commonly known as Bunions, is a condition in which the 1st proximal phalange deviates laterally while the 1st metatarsal deviates medially. The aim of this case report is to check the validity of Dry Needling (DN) as a treatment modality for patients presenting with this condition.

Materials and Methods: The Bristol Foot Score (BFS) was used to asses subjective changes with the client. Ultrasound (US) and X-Ray were used to determine structural changes pre and post treatment. Tests were performed before the initiation of the treatment, at the end of it, and 6 weeks after.

Case Presentation: Female client, 50 years of age, presenting with bunions since the age of 14. Previous options suggested to the client were fusion or shaving of the joint. Client had 23 DN sessions during this report. Results: On the BFS there was a 45.2% improvement in the score from baseline to 6 weeks after the last intervention. US and X-Ray comparison showed a decrease in the bunion angle going from severe (left) and moderate (right) to normal on both.

Conclusion: This report shows that DN can be considered as a feasible intervention for bunions.

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