Development of a Web-Based Student Internship Portal for Students of Health Colleges

Author(s): Abdulellah Modhi ALSOLAIS

Introduction: Information technology is used as a communication tool in colleges of applied medical sciences, but its optimal use in internship program is still low.

Aim and objectives: This study aims to develop a web-based information system for student internships and to provide students with nursing information, skills and experience necessary to qualify them as highly competent nurses.

Methods: The system is built using interactive website technology based on four main components, namely students, supervisors, industry and coordinators. The web-based student placement system includes information functions, schedules, enrolments, portfolio reports, completion reports, database backup and guidance systems. PHP, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL database and Apache web server are the technologies used to develop the web-based internship information system.

Results: The results show that the resulting system can be used to support the student internship program for all parties involved.

Conclusion: This system can help students, supervisors and coordinators in running internship program.

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