Crambe Abyssinica Oil as Raw Material for Renewable Fuel Production-Review

Author(s): Francisco Aléxis Dntas Maia, Amanda Duarte Godim, Anne Gabriella Dias Santos, Márcio Cleivo de Morais Souza, Vasco de Lima Pinto, Aruzza Mabel de Morais Araújo

This paper presents information about Crambe Abyssinica Hochst and discusses various aspects of oil planting, extraction and treatment, chemical composition, and the physical and chemical properties of the oil. In addition, it discusses the possibility of its use as a raw material for biofuels. Crambe Abyssinica Hochst is an oilseed from the Mediterranean that has good oil content in its seed (~ 38%). Other advantages are presented as the short growth period and can be grown in environments considered unsuitable, which are desirable requirements for use in the production of biofuels. Crambe oil has erucic acid as its main fatty acid, which is not edible, so it is an oil that does not compete with the food industry. This crop is already used in the industry in various parts of the world for the production of various products, including biodiesel with oxidative stability considered promising.

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