CoVID -19 - A Global Exploratory Study on the Incidence Rates

Author(s): Hesham Magd, Henry Karyamsetty

The world has been impacted severely by CoVID-19 pandemic and the spread of the CoVID 19 is not under control as confirmed cases are still been reported globally. Based on the literature review where it was suggested that the incidence rates of CoVID-19 are related to environmental factors existing locally and therefore it’s important to examine the diversified environmental and meteorological factors that are contributing to the disease transmission and infection rates that subsequently facilitates better management of future outbreaks and crisis. The current study explores and investigates the significance of population dynamics, dew point and altitudinal factors on incidence rates of CoVID -19 across different geographical regions. Data from 129 countries are collected pertaining to the parameters of the study and each parameter is examined to know the degree of association with the confirmed cases The study results show that the city fraction rate combining with latitude ranges substantially can predict to varying levels the incidence rate of SARS-CoV-2. Additionally, the study suggested also countries having city fraction rate in specific range has affinity to show increase in daily confirmed cases.

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