Contribution of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Malignant Melanoma

Author(s): Hiba O. Osman, Neena E. Thomas, Somtochi Udekwe, Suzanne Habashy, Aliya Jafri, Stacey E. Heindl

Malignant melanoma is a severe skin cancer with catastrophic complications due to its early distant metastasis and high mortality rate despite the development of different therapeutic approaches. Therefore, we need innovative ways to fight this cancer vigorously. It is time to collaborate with all the efforts to establish well-maintained guidelines and protocols that help eliminate the vicious cycle of melanoma. Vitamin C has demonstrated anti-tumor features that characterize it from other water and fat-soluble vitamins. Our principal objective was to assess how vitamin C supplementation could mutate the epigenetic base of melanoma cells and whether that could make them less aggressive. We also looked at how vitamin C could induce cell death within melanoma cell lines. Furthermore, we investigated the sensitizing sequel of vitamin C on melanoma and how they can improve other chemotherapy capacities. This review aims to contribute to vitamin C's launch as a potent anti-cancer that could limit melanoma morbidness and death rate.

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