Concept Development Housing and Settlement of Coastal Areas based on Eco-Green: Case Study-Coastal Areas Babelan and Tarumajaya District Bekasi West Java, Indonesia

Author(s): Zefri, Nurwahyi

The physical character of coastal settlements as residential areas characterized by the collective activity as fishermen. These activities serve as fishermen's settlements identity that is implemented in a good space utilization personal space in a dwelling, as well as communal spaces in residential areas along the coast. Routines fishing activity occurs continuously, thus making the coastal area as a space that has activity throughout the day both day and night. In the context of settlements, typology functions as coastal settlements with fishing activity, showed a difference that is quite thick.

This study aims to give the concept of the arrangement and construction of residential areas and settlements in the coastal area of eco-green-based, so that the quality of housing and residential environment for the better. The methodology used in this study was conducted on the basis of the actual condition of residential areas and settlements in the study area in District Babelan, and Tarumajaya as described earlier in the discussion forward and combined with the assessment parameters based eco-green. The variables that were examined consisted of eight (8) components were: 1) State of the Environment, 2) Administration Building, 3) Water, 4) Wastewater, 5) Drainage, 6) Waste, 7) Energy, and 8) Transportation.

Based on the results of surveys and interviews show one housing unit occupied by a family of 2-3. This resulted in the number of residents in one house numbers between 8-11 people. A large number of families in one house unit was based on a very close family relationship that is in the relationship of parents and children, or fellow brothers, even though they already have their own families. Owners of residential buildings remained based on joint ownership with the parents as the primary owner. The system shows that the system of living together is a common prac

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